The Top 10 Most Inspiring Snoop Dogg Quotes

Rapper and actor Snoop Dogg has embarked on a long and colorful journey to emerge as one of the greatest of all time. He is a generational MC who has evolved through hip hop continuously finding ways to adapt to the times. Whatever the times may be, Snoop is always taking pride in creating music that lightens the load of everyday life. Here is the top 10 most inspiring Snoop Dogg quotes ever about remaining true to yourself, spreading good vibes and mastering your craft.


“That’s why I’m so successful because peace is my main thing, it’s not about money. It’s about making sure everybody is having a good time and loving and living and enjoying life.” – Snoop Dogg


“Sometimes a loss is the best thing that can happen. It teaches you what you should have done next time.” – Snoop Dogg

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“You might not have a car or a big gold chain, stay true to yourself and things will change.” – Snoop Dogg


“Push yourself, when you get smart up top (in your head), your skills will fall right into place.” – Snoop Dogg

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“Women are in a position now to voice their opinion… women are getting empowered. The more power they get, the more voice they get to shift certain things around. Now I have a daughter, I understand. When I didn’t have a daughter, I didn’t understand.” – Snoop Dogg


“I’m just doing what I do best and that’s what makes good music, and that’s how you can relate to people.” – Snoop Dogg

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“I am a sore loser. I’ve always been like that ever s’nce I started playin’ sports and just life in general. I hate to lose and I play to win.Snoop Dogg


“Sometimes if you’re lucky, someone comes into your life who’ll take up a place in your heart that no one else can fill, someone who’s tighter than a twin, more with you than your own shadow, who gets deeper under your skin than your own blood and bones.Snoop Dogg

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“Be your own leader, be your own self, step out of my shadows and be your own person.” – Snoop Dogg


“If it’s flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s, be the best hamburger flipper in the world. Whatever it is you do you have to master your craft.” – Snoop Dogg

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“Do what your heart tells you is right.” – Snoop Dogg

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