The Top 10 MOST Inspiring Lucy Hale Quotes

Here are the top 10 most inspiring Lucy Hale quotes about surrounding yourself with the right people, following your passions, and continuously evolving and striving to be the best you.


“Life is about becoming a better version of yourself.” – Lucy Hale


“Surround yourself with the right people, and realize your own worth. Honestly, there are enough bad people out there in the world – you don’t need to be your own worst enemy.” – Lucy Hale

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“You only get one body, might as well love it. Nothing is the end of the world. Flash forward a year and ask, “Is this really going to be that big of a deal? In the long run, it’s really not.” – Lucy Hale


“I’m beautifully strong and tragically confused.” – Lucy Hale

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“I don’t really believe in cliques – I think everyone can be friends with everyone.” – Lucy Hale


“I’m not trying to be something I’m not. I know what I believe in. I know my morals and I know what I have to offer.” – Lucy Hale

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“I love music so much and that kind of takes away from the fact that I am missing out on some things. I have always known that I wanted to be a singer and I knew that meant sacrificing some things for my dream. When I am home I hang out with my friends and go to dances, so I try and partake in some of the activities that I miss out on. – Lucy Hale


“My body is normal, and I’m not trying to prove anything.– Lucy Hale

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“There is nothing else that I would rather do than sing. I have such a great passion for it. Even if I don’t become successful or famous I am still going to continue singing.” – Lucy Hale


“It’s fun to pretend you’re a little kid, you get to use your imagination and live in a world that’s not real.” – Lucy Hale

Bonus Lucy Hale Quote:

“Life is like Facebook. People will like and comments your problems, but no one will solve them because they’re busy updating them.” – Lucy Hale

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