10 Most Inspiring Desiigner Quotes

Desiigner, broke into hip hop at just the young age of 18. His maturity, however is much older and wiser. Although many may be confused because of his lighter approach in music, let these quotes give you another closer look. Don’t judge this book by it’s cover. Desiigner has always been infused into music and grew up in a family that embraced it. Shockingly, the bright star has a ton of insight and unique perspectives to share. This is the ultimate list of inspiring Desiigner quotes about staying humble, living your dreams, and being limitless in your craft.


“My style, my funk, my performance, my charisma. The way I deliver my songs. That’s what makes me different. I stay humble. The second you see me on stage doing my thing, you know I’m not like the rest. I stay crazy.” – Desiigner


“While I’m living I’m in my zone. I don’t sleep—I promote, fuck, no sleep, drink, get rich. When I say get rich I don’t mean by money, but by platform. I mean getting better when I say get rich—bettering my life. That’s how I move. It’s about living your dreams… You only dream to wake up and make them come true.” – Desiigner

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Music has no law. You can’t put a barrier on music period.” – Desiigner


“I was always singing, and same thing with my grandfather. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, you know how that goes. It just runs in my family. Music always lived with me, like a family tradition.” – Desiigner

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“I would do weird things because I loved the sound of the songs, just to be creative. I love the sound before I love the words. My first time behind a mic was at thirteen. It was almost like I was training for that time since I was born, because after that I never left.” – Desiigner


“Every time I’m in the studio it’s another step to success.” – Desiigner

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Just ’cause you come from Brooklyn, you are supposed to sound like you are from Brooklyn? I don’t know what a Brooklyn sound is then. – Desiigner


“I’m a man of process. You know how that goes.– Desiigner

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Emotion. Energy. Greatness. I want them to feel the flow, feel everything I’m delivering to them because I’m givin’ ‘em all I got.” – Desiigner


“The trap is the beat and the beat is the music, and when it comes to music, I don’t discriminate. I love music, period. Just because I’m from Brooklyn doesn’t mean I can’t feel the trap, the grind. My trap is real life stuff—and I talk about real life stuff in my music—so it just means grind harder. It’s just a grind mode with a positive mood behind it that makes people get up and make moves for the positive.” – Desiigner

Bonus Desiigner Quote:

“Music was just always in me. Everybody knew me for music or doing something funny with my voice. It was just my talent.” – Desiigner

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