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Joey Badass is a very formidable up and coming rap artist, who is well versatile in his self-expressing art forms as he is also an actor and fashion icon who now works with Calvin Klein. He is pushing the new era of hip hop culture into his own direction. Joey Badass embraces his self-worth as well as acknowledge and infuse his creativity from his  influences such as Nas, Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. From these inspiring Joey Badass quotes you will get a good glimpse of the inner mindset and positive perspective that have helped him achieve success in several arenas.


“I used to feel so devastated. At times I thought we’d never make it, yeah. But now we on our way to greatness. And all that ever took was patience” – Joey Badass


“But it is what it is, man. You’ve just got to keep proving yourself in this world, and me, I’m not one to back down. So I’m gonna do what I got to do to get to where I’m going. I’m a soldier, man. I’d rather be on a stage then no stage at all, you feel me? Sometimes you’ve just gotta just bite the bullet.” – Joey Badass

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“It’s funny, because I don’t consider myself a mainstream rapper, either. They need to make a new term for me. I’m like a major-indie. Yeah, that’s what I am. I’m not underground, I’m not major label, I’m just major-indie.” – Joey Badass


“Of course, music being my number one, but I’ve always been passionate about acting.” – Joey Badass

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“I put my pain in the cadence. Turn my brain up a wavelength. Now we’re flowing the ceiling. So just go with the family.” – Joey Badass


“You’re only as strong as your weakest link so you’ve got to make sure everybody in your crew is on point.” – Joey Badass

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“I’m a person who likes to develop. I like for people to see me grow. – Joey Badass


“I’m a really humble person and I’m a really on-the-go person. For me, it’s never that serious.– Joey Badass

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“I believe I am of the natural.” – Joey Badass


“I speak for what I represent, that’s really what it meant to me.” – Joey Badass

Bonus Joey Badass Quote:

“It symbolizes the beginning of all consciousness, it reminds you that everything begins with thoughts.” – Joey Badass

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Joey Bada$$ Quotes Sources: