How To Expand Your Comfort Zones

Comfort levels

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – Neale Donald Walsch

The comfort zone is something that is not necessarily physical, but something that everyone can feel. The comfort zone differs from person to person depending on their personality, it is a title that describes everything that you fear doing, but wish you could do. Research has shown that people that are more successful in their lives (meaning they’ve achieved more of what they want), have a bigger comfort zone than the average person. Most people have fears and rarely face them because they are so afraid and as a result, they never live the life they truly want. If you face these fears that have been daunting you for years, you will expand as a person and once you no longer have that fear, you get to experience a more fulfilling life. Forget about the fears you care less about but focus on those fears you wish you didn’t have, such as talking to new people in social situations, or dancing at parties. Usually these fears are a result of not being taught or not having experience in whatever it is. At first you will be nervous, embarrassed and ultimately, very afraid to face them, but when you overcome these obstacles, amazing changes will take place as you will soar to new heights becoming a much more diverse and versatile individual. You will be a person that can get out of your comfort zone at will.


Successful People Love Getting Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Most successful people were just like us at one time where they had many things that made them feel uncomfortable, but they did not let these things limit them, they learned, practiced, and stepped out of their comfort zones to a degree that the fear no longer made them feel uncomfortable. For example, did you know, Elvis Presley (The King Of Pop), Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy) and Michael Dell (Owner of Dell Computers) just to name a few were very shy, and reserved? That’s right, Elvis was afraid to perform in front of others. Had he not learned to overcome his fears he would have never became one of the biggest stars to ever walk the earth. And if Lucille let her shyness get the best of her, she would have used it as an excuse to not succeed and not be one of the best actresses on television let alone not inspire the next generations of actresses to come. Expanding your comfort zone is a MUST to achieve the types of success these 3 people have.


95% of the Situations You Fear Will Not Happen

I’ve got good news for you, when you think of the worst situation of something you fear, chances are, it will NOT happen! Our mind always over-exaggerates every negative experience. Think back to how many times you felt nervous and scared to do something because in your head it seemed like the most nerve wrecking thing, but when you did it, it was nothing like you pictured. For example, in high school, maybe you were scared to do a presentation only to realize when you actually do the presentation it was not as scary as you thought it would be. So the next time you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, remember there’s no point in worrying because 95% of the time, what you worry about won’t happen.


Focus On The Positive Outcomes, Rather Than The Negative Outcomes

Take life lightly, and have the mindset that if anything negative happens, who cares you can still move forward with your life. However, if anything good happens be extremely happy, excited and positive about that. Most people are more scared about what the negative circumstance could be, than what the positive circumstance could be. When you get to a point that the positive circumstance far exceeds the negative circumstance, then you will feel confident in getting outside your comfort zone. Successful people have created a habit of doing this, their success always seems more exciting to them than the negative aspects of failing, and thus they always see how wonderful life could be which makes them confident in the decisions they make, and as a result their life turns out the way they picture it. They have eliminated any worry in their life by making anything to be worried about, not a big deal, but anything to be excited about, a huge deal. Your dreams should always outweigh your fears.

Let Nothing Daunt You, the Power Exists Within You

Be a person that is too strong and too fearless to let things stop you from what you want to do. Whether you decide to release that strength and put your feet forward to step out of those comfort zones is entirely up to you, but I will say this, if you do decide to face your fears, you will maximize your potential in every area of your life!
There will always be two choices when you’re about to get out of your comfort zone, stepping out of your norm, or the easier thing to do, which will always have you leaving in regret. If you only do what’s comfortable, you will NEVER live life to its fullest. You can study and read books all you want, they are very important tools for learning but you also need that life experience which is the best way for humans to learn, and that requires stepping into the real world, and facing your fears!