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The 30 Greatest Hockey Quotes Ever

From past to present, this is the absolute greatest list of hockey quotes from the leaders and legends to the dynasty coaches, goalies and D-men.

Alexander Ovechkin

Leader of the Russian revolution, Ovechkin continuously brings fans out of their seats with a blistering shot or a big hit with the size and strength of an NHL power forward, yet the hands, instincts and quickness of an elite scorer. Find out how his passion and positive energy as a kid made him one of the greats!

Ovechkin’s Heart Quenching Passion

Alexander the great, is an NHL star who is on pace for the most goals ever. His single biggest reason for so much success: Passion! Whether he's celebrating with a gigantic cheek to cheek smile across his face, hitting, scoring or flirting with female broadcasters, Alex Ovechkin is passionate about hockey and about life!