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The Top 10 MOST Inspiring Alicia Keys Quotes

The top 10 most inspiring Alicia Keys quotes that will guide you to finding your life's meaning and enable you to live a fulfilling true to yourself journey.

Alicia Keys’ Emotional 2016 Speech

Alicia Keys gave an incredible speech about love, breaking the walls down and keeping ourselves locked in at the 2016 Music Video Awards.

Alicia Keys and Finding Herself

Alicia Keys discusses a time in her early career where her life was all over the place and a trip alone to Egypt would help solve everything and put it all back into perspective.

Alicia Keys’ Powerful Message: Why Are We Here?

A powerful, and moving message by the ever so talented Alicia Keys (Posted on her Facebook page, on September 8, 2014). This post was written not only to explain the passion behind here new hit "We Are Here" but also to start a movement, more details can be shown on the website WeAreHereMovement.com :

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is extremely talented, she has the ability to play the piano, write her own songs and sing with one of the most spectacular voices in the world. Her nature of being true to herself makes her stand out from the rest.