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The Top 10 Most Inspiring Brad Pitt Quotes

The most motivating Brad Pitt quotes to energize your spirit and imprint your mind with the belief that anything and everything is possible if you believe in it.

Tyler Durden Philosophy Of Life – Fight Club

This is the scene where Tyler Durden tells the narrator about his philosophy on life which is almost a mix of eastern zenful spirituality of exiting the 'self'.

Fight Club Scene – Speech About Modern Life

This is the famous Fight Club scene where Tyler Durden gives an eye opening speech about being the middle children of history where we're fighting a spiritual war.

Powerful ‘Be Whoever You Want To Be’ Scene From Curious Case...

A scene from The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button where Benjamin's voice speaks through a letter being read from his daughter who reminisces his life's wisdom.

Brad Pitt

Not just a pretty face, but a truly inspiring actor who is humble and ambitious at the same time. He has given back in so many unique ways, and continues to impact the planet. His story is one for the books, making bold moves to get to where he is, and risking everything for his gut wrenching passion. Brad Pitt has done it all and continues to be a positive influence for others! Find out why...