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Drake Wins Best Album For Billboard Music Awards: We Gotta Show...

Drake won 13 awards and gave this epic speech where he touched on the limited time we get to spend on earth and how we gotta show love while we're here.

The Top 10 MOST Inspiring Drake Quotes

Drake is easily this generation's most influential artist who is constantly guiding people with his words of wisdom to follow their own dreams, to...

Drake – Success Secrets

VYBO (Visualize Yourself Beyond Ordinary) created this video of combined clips of Drake giving profound success secrets, advice and wisdom. A must watch.

Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem – Forever (Lebron James Come...

One of the hottest tracks of 2009, Forever by Kanye, Drake, Eminem and Weezy featured a video montage of a young Lebron James and his rise to fame.

Drake’s Highschool Graduation Speech About Following Through

A Drake speech where he talks heavily about following through with our goals and commitments to reach our destination.

How Drake’s Desktop Wallpaper Manifested His Dream House

The house Drake had as his desktop wallpaper would years later be purchased for undervalue.

Drake’s Recipe For Success And Words Of Wisdom

Hip hop king Drake discusses his formula for becoming the greatest of his era and reveals the work ethic and sacrifice he demands of himself. He tells his wisdom.

Drake Before Fame: MTV Cribs Unscripted

Drake shows us the hundreds of lyrics he wrote as a kid, and ironically states he has them for nostalgia purposes and will probably never use them.