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5 Things That Prove Money Mayweather’s Success Mentality

Many call Floyd Mayweather "arrogant," "cocky," and various other cunning negative traits to describe the undefeated boxer, one can easily argue a better title...

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the most successful athletes on earth, but the layers upon layers of lessons and obstacles he's faced earn him that throne. He not only faced poverty, but his family members have been hooked on drugs, his father was a dealer who was sent to jail and Mayweather looked up and out the entire time.

Floyd Mayweather Jr on Self Belief

"I'm in this sport to be the best." Mayweather touches on his strong level of confidence in himself and how some may think he's cocky, but he states that he just really believes he's that great. His mindset towards himself is obvious proof for the rest of us, that we must believe in ourselves to an extreme extent.