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Halle Berry Oscar Speech- This Moment Is Bigger Than Me

Halle Berry instantly became a pioneer as she won the Oscar which was a pivotal moment in history as she was the first woman of color to win the award.

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Halle Berry Quotes

A list of the most inspiring Halle Berry quotes that will really give you an inside look of the boldness, perseverance and inner beauty of a winning underdog.

33 Famous People You Didn’t Know Practice Meditation

Meditation has enormous benefits, and is becoming a popular trend among influential people. Here is a list of famous people who meditate.

Halle Berry’s Commitment To Excellence

A-lister Halle Berry had found her life's passion and purpose of the performing arts relatively early. Then she devoted herself to whatever it took to become great at her craft.

Halle Berry

A breakthrough actress who paved the way for the African American community, being the first black female to win an Oscar, the first in Miss World Pageants and the first successful black model at Revlon. Inspiring an entire generation, Halle Berry set a precedence in the late 80's shaping the way the world viewed 'colored' and made them see the beauty, not just in the physical but in the internal.