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Idris Elba: Realize Your True Potential

12 of Idris Elba's most important and enlightening quotes to remind us to keep striving until we find the opportunities that allow us to reach our true potential.

Idris Elba – I Am Not Afraid To Fail

Actor and musician Idris Elba shares incredible insight about keeping your head down while grinding and not letting the fear of failure cripple you.

Idris Elba’s Inspirational Mobo Award Acceptance Speech

A great speech about stretching the horizons, growing through dark times, and empowering millions of others like him who don't know it to just go for it.

Idris Elba – The Law Of Attraction

Idris Elba discussing with passion of how he utilized the law of attraction to catapult his deepest dreams.

Idris Elba + Purdey’s Present: #ThriveOn

Actor Idris Elba is featured in this Purdy's commercial where he interviews people about their dreams and challenges them to never stop growing.

34 Thought Provoking & Inspiring Idris Elba Quotes

As a DJ, Rapper, and Actor, Idris Elba is a man on an ambitious mission. Checkout the most mind stimulating and inspiring quotes from his rise to fame.