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James Cameron’s Patience in Creativity

James Cameron's patience in creativity has led to his film success. This article explores the way in which he uses patience to create timeless pieces. 

James Cameron Ted Talks Speech: A Curious Boy

Director James Cameron at Ted Talks speaking about Avatar and pushing the envelope, taking risks and he uses a NASA slogan as a great example.

(Video) Best Scene from Avatar – Neytiri finally meets Human Jake...

This is the climax scene of James Cameron's Avatar where Neytiri finally meets her lover Jake for who he really is.

Avatar – Flow Of Energy, We Are All Connected

This scene from Avatar delivers an empowering and spiritual message: All living beings are connected to each other through energy including the spirits of animals.

3 Ways James Cameron Found His Calling

James Cameron went from a truck driver to a broke director who persisted because of passion and eventually became one of the most successful. Here's 3 reasons that led him to find his calling.

James Cameron

James Cameron the producer of Titanic and Avatar was inspired by major movies such as Star Wars to blend science fiction and art to make cinematic history. He embraced failure, and acted on intuition.