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The Top 10 Most Inspiring Jamie Foxx Quotes

Let's take a microscopic look at the top 10 motivating Jamie Foxx quotes that will startle your soul and enchant your mind to go after the life of your destiny.

“Collateral” Best Scene – What Do We Have To Lose Anyway

This powerful scene from Collateral features a hitman (Tom Cruise) giving a life changing and perspective altering speech to a taxi driver (Jamie Foxx).

Jamie Foxx’s Life Changing Lesson Interview With Oprah

Jamie Foxx shares a story about his grandmother and the wisdom and knowledge she taught him. Plus, he shares a memory of the night he decided to leave Texas.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is a multi-talented entertainer who sings, acts and tells jokes for a living. He has done it all, and it's largely credited to his many inspirations and role models such as his grandma who raised him. He also has extremely strong self beliefs and hard grained passion for what he does. Find out some of the big challenges he faced to get where he is.

Denzel Washington On The Actors: You Attract What You Feel

Denzel Washington talks about the law of attraction, how we attract anything that's dominant in our thoughts, what we feel, and who we are,