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25 Jennifer Lawrence Quotes that Show Humanity and Empathy

From these quotes Jennifer Lawrence shows her empowering beliefs, positive self worth and most importantly, her ability to be exactly who she is.

Jennifer Lawrence on Hollywood’s Delusional View of Beauty

Jennifer Lawrence opens up about her struggles as a young actress and dealing with Hollywood's delusional view of beauty or the "perfect body image."  

‘Joy’ Trailer – The World Doesn’t Owe You A Thing

Jennifer Lawrence's character tells her daughter some very practical input about being humble, working hard, and having patience and humility.

‘Joy’ Movie Scenes – Never Give Up

These inspiring scenes from the movie Joy show us the resilience and perseverance of what it takes to create opportunity and achieve our goals as entrepreneurs.

Why Jennifer Lawrence Never Considered Failure

In this quick interview actress Jennifer Lawrence breaks down how she never accepts failure as an option!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is the type of personality that never follows and never conforms, but remains her true best self all the time. She doesn't care what the typical Hollywood look is, and she encourages her fans to be exactly who they feel comfortable being.