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The 10 MOST Inspiring Jennifer Lopez Quotes

This list consists of the 10 most inspiring Jennifer Lopez quotes that enable her as an advocate of following dreams and being fearless.

Jennifer Lopez – Nobody Knows What’s Inside Of You But You

Jennifer Lopez shares her story about being told she couldn't sing or dance and boldly claims nobody knows what you can do but you.

J. Lo’s Brilliant Advice For Being Yourself In 15 Seconds

Jennifer Lopez tells us what she knows about being true to yourself and what it looks like to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Main Keys To Success

Jennifer Lopez sat down with EZebis to conduct a rare interview about woman entrepreneurship and diversity all while revealing her keys to success.

Rags To Riches Stories: The Ultimate List

Rags to riches stories are the epitome of the "American Dream," they're what makes success look so enticing, and what make movies such as...

Jennifer Lopez Inspired by Madonna

Jennifer Lopez explains how she loves being inspired by other women, and remembers seeing Madonna at Central Park which inspired her to constantly work hard even when no one is watching, and when you think it doesn't matter.

Jennifer Lopez On Affirmations To Stay Humble

Jennifer Lopez sets aside at least 15 minutes everyday after she exercises for meditation, prayer, and affirmations. She states that this helps her stay grounded.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is the full package celebrity who seems to succeed at anything she focuses on, whether she’s singing, dancing, producing, acting, creating profitable businesses or being an active philanthropist through her many charities.