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The Top 10 Most Inspiring Jim Carrey Quotes

The top 10 most inspiring Jim Carrey quotes ever said that entail the power of breaking limits and fears, believing in what we do, and chasing passions.

Jim Carrey – I Believe We Are Creators

Jim Carrey, who is more of a life guru than a comedian these days sheds some light about humans being creators and worthy of having incredible capabilities.

Bruce Almighty: Want To See A Miracle, Then Be A Miracle

This scene from the feel good film Bruce Almighty is when God tells Bruce to be the miracle and take free will into his own hands rather than expecting one.

Watch Jim Carrey Shatter The Ego Of A-Listers At The Golden...

Jim Carrey's reminder of "feeling like you're not enough" was a brilliant message as it is one of the most common diseases we face as human beings.

Jim Carrey & His Spiritual Awakening

Jim Carrey faced trials of depression throughout his life and admitted to over thinking everything. Everything changed when he got his feet soaked in the teachings of spiritual guru Eckhart Tolle regarding living in the moment and ridding the mind of the ego.

Jim Carrey

Canadian born comedian Jim Carrey had visualized his way to success. He wrote a fake check to himself and would stay on top of the Hollywood hills in his car until his mind was convinced he was a star. Today, Jim Carrey encourages others to follow their passion, live in the moment and believe the impossible at any opportunity he gets; Awards, seminars, and even graduation speeches.