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The Top 10 Most Inspiring Kanye West Quotes Ever

The ultimate top 10 most inspiring quotes by Kanye West that will instill powerful beliefs within you to conquer anything and everything, including yourself.

Kanye West – Stronger

Kanye West has been believing in himself since he first began, and this classic daft punk sampled anthem is a testament to his selfworthy mindset.

Kanye West – Good Morning

Kanye West challenges the system we live in and makes you think twice about the meaning of graduation, getting a job, being a clone/slave to society and more.

Kanye West – Self Conscious on Def Jam Poetry

Kanye West shares a poem which turned into a song later where he talks about big subjects such as truth, freedom and learning how to think for your own.

Kanye West’s Inspiring Grammy Speech About Seizing The Moment

Kanye West gives another great speech about being an opportunist with time and not wasting it talking about "the good old days".

Kanye West’s Ellen Interview & Not Caring About Being Likeable

Although Kanye West's underlying messages can often be misinterpreted with his loud rants, he does usually have something valuable to say. In this Ellen interview, Kanye...

Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem – Forever (Lebron James Come...

One of the hottest tracks of 2009, Forever by Kanye, Drake, Eminem and Weezy featured a video montage of a young Lebron James and his rise to fame.

Kanye West Believes People Need To Stand Up And Protect Their...

Rap icon Kanye West laid out a powerful message to the Jimmy Kimmel audience about protecting your dreams, believing in yourself and not conforming to society.