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Kendrick Lamar And Rick Rubin Have an Epic Conversation About The...

GQ conducted an interview between Hip Hop king Kendrick Lamar and legendary producer Rick Ruben and the result was an enlightening outcome. Kendrick discussed...

101 Most Inspiring Kendrick Lamar Quotes

From his profound poetry, diverse lyrics, influential interviews, and wise viewpoints, here are the most inspiring Kendrick Lamar quotes.

Kendrick Lamar Talks About The Importance Of Love

Wise lyricist Kendrick Lamar breaks down the world's #1 issue and the simplest purest solution to solving the biggest problem: love.

Kendrick Lamar Talks To Ellen About Being Honored With ‘The Generational...

After performing "These Wall's" on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Kendrick Lamar discussed the honor he felt in receiving the Generational Icon Award.

Who Kendrick Lamar Was Before He Was Famous

This is the 'come up' story of Kendrick Lamar and his love for music and art. His ambition kept him away from the heavily infected gang world in Compton.

Kendrick Lamar on Napoleon Hill Think & Grow Rich

Kendrick Lamar has a line about Napoleon Hill in his song "Cut You Off." In this video, Kendrick Lamar further expresses his belief in Hill's philosophy on the energy and the vibe you give out is what comes back.

Kendrick Lamar Inspirational Commercial

Rap genius Kendrick Lamar does a commercial video with Reebok as he discusses his inspiration and story of getting out of the ghetto by pursuing his gift for music.