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LeBron James – The Cleveland Kid in Pursuit of Greatness.

LeBron's storied career can teach us all a lesson: Having high standards, while maintaining strong self-belief and perfecting ones craft will serve you well.

LeBron James on passing Michael Jordan in scoring “I did everything...

LeBron James beat his heroes record and became the highest point getter in playoff history and he humbly addressed how he always looked up to Michael and wanted to chase his legacy.

Post Game LeBron James Interview – Talks Being Calm, Confident And...

LeBron James talks about 'last years news', being calm, the game always giving back to those give it their all, and a line that Jay-Z told him.

LeBron James’ 2013 MVP full press conference and speech

LeBron James gave this speech after receiving the 2012-13 KIA NBA MVP where he discussed his childhood, his support, and the kids he supports through charity.

Together – LeBron James Nike Commercial

A Nike commercial featuring LeBron James where he empowers the Cleveland faithful and gives them hope about winning an NBA championship.

The 30 Most Inspiring LeBron James Quotes Ever

The ultimate list of inspiring LeBron James quotes that prove he has the winning mindset and the success formula imprinted in him.

Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem – Forever (Lebron James Come...

One of the hottest tracks of 2009, Forever by Kanye, Drake, Eminem and Weezy featured a video montage of a young Lebron James and his rise to fame.

Why Lebron James Doesn’t Care What Others Think

LeBron James had a very striking response to a reporters question about how he deals with scrutiny, criticss and pressure from others.