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The Martian Movie Scene “You Just Begin”

Watch Matt Damon in this clip from The Martian give a great speech to NASA students about just beginning, the power of solving problems and accepting certain challenges to move forward.

The Top 10 MOST Inspiring Matt Damon Quotes

This list consists of the most empowering Matt Damon quotes that propel us to be our truest selves while conquering our greatest fears and grandest dreams.

Matt Damon – MIT Commencement Speech

Matt Damon gave this brilliant and inspiring speech at MIT about us all being lucky to be alive during these great times of change, technology and potential.

So What Do You Really Want To Do Good Will Hunting...

This is the scene from Good Will Hunting where the therapist played by Robin Williams challenges Matt Damon's character about what he really wants to do.

Matt Damon Talks About His High School Business Partnership With Ben...

Matt Damon spoke with Sam Jones about his early partnership with Ben Affleck and his first movie line in Mystic Pizza which made him fall in love with acting.

Good Will Hunting ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ Scene

Matt Damon and Robin Williams partake in an empowering scene in the Good Will Hunting movie where a psychologist reminds an orphan that "it's not your fault".

20 Seconds of Courage (We Bought A Zoo Scene)

In this inspiring movie based on a true story, Matt Damon plays Benjamin Mee a writer who rescues a failing zoo while also struggling to accept...

Denzel Washington On The Actors: You Attract What You Feel

Denzel Washington talks about the law of attraction, how we attract anything that's dominant in our thoughts, what we feel, and who we are,