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Changing Perspectives: Matthew McConaughey’s Reinvention

“Just keep livin” is a motto Matthew McConaughey lives by which has led to a sort of self-renaissance, and ability to adjust when necessary.

Interstellar “Aim Higher” Trailer Reminds Us To Dream Very Big

The Interstellar trailer entails what the human species is always fascinated with; overcoming the impossible, making the unknown known, and challenging limits.

Matthew McConaughey 2014 Oscar Speech: 3 Things I Need Each Day

Matthew McConaughey gave one of the most inspirational speeches of Oscar history at the 2014 Oscar Awards. McConaughey won the prestigious award for Best Actor for starring in "Dallas Buyers Club." When accepting the award, McConaughey thanked three major things God, his family, and his hero (find out who his hero is)