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Michael Jordan Interview – How Important is Practice?

"Work ethic eliminates fear." Michael Jordan shares his opinions on the importance of practice and rigorous work ethic. He plays in practice like its the game.

The Mind of Michael Jordan – The Psychology Of An Obsessed...

Analyzing the mind of the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan and how he was absolutely obsessed with greatness.

Jordan Commercial – Break To Build

A Jordan commercial features several athletes in their element as they practice, perfect and ultimately master they're respective crafts. Work ethic is everything.

Look Me In The Eyes – Jordan Commercial – Become Legendary

A Nike commercial that is sure to give off the goosebumps as Michael Jordan explains how no one knows what is truly within you except for you.

Michael Jordan Failed Over And Over And That Is Why He...

Michael Jordan is the most successful basketball player of all time, and that is directly because of how many times he failed throughout his career and life.

42 Ridiculously Famous Introverts

People often mistaken the word "introvert" for shyness which is not true, many introverts are very confident, however, they are usually confident in a...

Michael Jordan Hall Of Fame Speech

Probably the greatest athlete ever, Michael Jordan gave his final speech during his hall of fame inductee speech in 2009 where he gave his words of wisdom and thanks.

Michael Jordan – The Drive

An exceptional video by AbsoluteMotivation that dissects the inner realm of the greatest NBA basketball player ever, Michael Jordan. From his own voice and his own words, Jordan breaks down some very key principles