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Nas & Damian Marley – Strong Will Continue

Nas and Damian Marley connected in 2011 to deliver this inspirational anthem that will get you refocused on the bigger picture and your main goals and ambitions.

Becoming: Nas’ Purpose To Inspire

Nas tells Intel Becoming that he has always wanted to be a role model by inspiring people by being inspired by others.

Nas- Daughters

'Daughters' was a beautiful hip hop song/video released in 2012 by Nasty Nas about brothers with daughters as rapped about raising their princesses with pride, dignity and honor.

Nas – I Can

Nas delivered this 'empower the youth' track back in 2002 where he shared a few stories about history, gave tools and educated anyone listening in the process.

The 77 Most Inspiring Nas Quotes Ever

It was only right to create the ultimate list of Nas quotes that show his bright wisdom, intelligence and understanding of a successful happy life.


Nas was always focused on the bigger picture, from rough projects, dropping out in grade 8 and his best friend being shot, he let nothing cloud his vision.

Nas’ Brilliant Advice- Obey Your Thirst

Nas gives an "Obey Your Thirst" interview-video with Fader discussing his visions, aspirations and advice. He talks about trusting in yourself, and giving it everything, while being your true self.