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This Ingredient From Robin Williams’ Life Will Make Yours A More...

Here’s to a legacy left strong and to a man who taught others how to be compassionate and helpful regardless of life’s hardships

Robin Williams – Make Your Life Spectacular

This speech by the late Robin Williams from the film Jack gives goosebumps as it reminds us to create a truly spectacular life with the small amount of time we have.

So What Do You Really Want To Do Good Will Hunting...

This is the scene from Good Will Hunting where the therapist played by Robin Williams challenges Matt Damon's character about what he really wants to do.

Christopher Reeve And Robin Williams Taught Barbara Walters Something Special About...

Barbara Walters tells a beautiful story about laughing and living about Robin Williams and Christopher Reeves when he was paralyzed in the hospital.

Good Will Hunting ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ Scene

Matt Damon and Robin Williams partake in an empowering scene in the Good Will Hunting movie where a psychologist reminds an orphan that "it's not your fault".

Remembering Robin Williams: Pure Genius!

A genius on so many levels, Robin Williams was compassionate, hilarious and impacted the planet on every level. Checkout his inspiring quotes, tributes and a true short story that exemplifies the huge heart he had. We will all miss him.... RIP Robin Williams 1951-2014.

In Memory of Robin Williams: Carpe Diem (Dead Poets Society)

  Robin Williams was reported to have passed away today (August 11, 2014), in rememberance of one of the greatest actors of all time, here...