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Follow Your Heart: Alan Watts & Steve Jobs

Such a powerful message that can only be described with one word: WOW! If there's one piece of advice to ever take, it will be found in this clip - absolutely remarkable and inspiring.

John Sculley: Steve Jobs Was A Genius!

In this quick video, John Sculley describes how Steve Jobs was an adaptive innovator and someone who was inspirational and charismatic. He claims Jobs sacrificed it all to "put a dent in the universe."

Why Inspiration Is More Powerful Than Motivation

People often wonder what the difference between inspiration and motivation is. I’m convinced that being inspired to do something great, is far more powerful than being motivated.

Steve Jobs: “You Have To Have A Lot Of Passion For...

Steve Jobs often quoted by many as the innovative pioneer of our generation, weighs in on his perspective of why passion is so needed for success. In his point of view, the only way to really persevere, is to really love what you do. Here's the script of what Steve Jobs says in the video:

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, possibly the greatest visionary and innovator of the 21st Century had the right dose of passion, drive, and intuition to turn Apple into a global success. He was a dreamer, a doer, and most importantly, a world-changer.