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Thomas Edison and How Inventors View Failure as Steps Towards Their...

Thomas Edison's story centers around the fact he did not quit in the face of failure. He understood the ups and downs that came with the process of inventing.

Exploring Thomas Edison’s Quote About Trying One More Time

How is it that Edison developed this incredible capacity for persistence? To really understand, we need look no further than his early beginnings in childhood.

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Thomas Edison Quotes

The ultimate list of Thomas Edison quotes that serve to enlighten you with a failure embracing attitude in order to better understand the definition of success.

Thomas Edison

3 inspirational lessons to learn from inventor Thomas Edison. Even though he failed, he never gave up, kept pursuing what he enjoyed, and didn't let adversity effect him.

Thomas Edison – Failures & Rejections

A true inventor, a pioneer of the times, and a visionary for creations, Thomas Edison. He is now considered a genius by the world, but he was initially considered "too stupid" by his teachers. Never listen to the outside world and their insecure opinions.