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Tom Brady: They Doubted Me From The Beginning

Tom Brady is living proof that struggles do not need to define or stop us an if we evolve, we get to see the other side, and it's so much brighter.

Tom Brady Michigan University Speech About Earning Leadership

Possibly the NFL's greatest Quarterback of all time, Tom Brady gives an epic speech at the University Of Michigan where he earned his grand opportunity.

23 Tom Brady Quotes To Make You Think Like A Winner

Tom Brady knows how to win and the adversity he faced along the way gave him the wisdom to learn and grow. Here are 23 Tom Brady quotes to think like a winner.

Why Adversity Is A Gift: Tom Brady

On the surface, It may look like Tom Brady has got it all easily, however it`s the layers of adversity that made him believe in himself so great he was bound to succeed.

Tom Brady

Believe it or not, this iconic football quarterback had the choice, to either be drafted to the Montreal Expos and play in the MLB, or, pursue his passion and play college football in Michigan. His bold decision not only changed his life, but would soon change NFL history. His story is highly motivating, as he faced many struggles to give him mental strength....