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Absolute Motivation: Leave Your Mark On The Planet

Absolute Motivation created this brilliant video montage which includes some powerful wisdom from some huge world changers such as Warren Buffett and Hussain Bolt.

A Warren Buffett & Bill Gates Speech On Success

Two enormously successful men, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, share some powerful feedback of the journeys they have embarked on.

42 Ridiculously Famous Introverts

People often mistaken the word "introvert" for shyness which is not true, many introverts are very confident, however, they are usually confident in a...

Warren Buffett: “Find Your Passion”

Warren Buffett himself says boldly, the secret to success, "find your passion." check out the video

Warren Buffett

Believe it or not, “The Legendary Investor,” Warren Buffet wasn’t always super wealthy, his perspectives on life growing up as a kid ultimately determined the clever investment choices he made as an investor. Ever since Buffett was in high school he was focused on numerous ways of making the big bucks which hugely guided him to the billion dollar status.

Common Traits Of Forbes’ Billionaire’s

Find out the common traits of Forbes' top billionaires and learn how they became the wealthiest people alive.