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Billie Holiday – Transforming Tribulations into the Beautiful

Billie Holiday's life was an ebb and flow between success and difficulty. She took her pain and sorrow and created joy out of it by singing it to others.

Taylor Swifts Empowering 2016 Grammy Acceptance Speech

Taylor Swift gave an empowering 2016 Grammy speech to her female fans about not letting people sidetrack you and about focusing on your work.

Victoria Beckham Speech – There Are No Limits To What You...

Victoria Beckham gives an empowering speech at Glamour's Women of the Year Awards where she talks about her desire to make women be the best version of themselves.

Usain Bolt’s Relentless Work Ethic & Patient Outlook Ensures Success

As a master of his craft, Usain Bolt knows the importance of combining relentless training with keeping patient and creating strong inner beliefs about oneself.

Steven Spielberg – Listen To The Whisper

Director Steven Spielberg gives a profound speech about dreams and how they come behind you whispering rather than screaming at you in front of you.

Charlie Kaufman’s Awakening BAFTA Speech Is Opening People’s Minds

Director Charlie Kaufman will open your eyes about our false form of reality created by brands and he encourages us to not sell our authentic selves subconsciously

Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Main Keys To Success

Jennifer Lopez sat down with EZebis to conduct a rare interview about woman entrepreneurship and diversity all while revealing her keys to success.

Andy Murray’s Success is an Inclination, Not An Overnight Success

Andy Murray lost countless grand slams before reaching Wimbledon, and took each loss as a lesson to reflect upon his mistakes and progress forward.