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Usain Bolt – I Don’t Get Scared Easily

Olympic legend Usain Bolt shares his limitless and fearless beliefs about training, persistence and achieving our grandest goals.

Muhammad Ali’s Insane Work Ethic

Muhammad Ali had incredible work ethic and mental preparation. His trainer Angelo Dundee was perfect for nurturing Ali and his charismatic & confident nature.

The Wanderer – The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty & Benjamin...

The Secession created this beautiful montage to remind us all to take leaps by exploring the world, trekking the unknown and challenging our own horizons.

Becoming: Ashley Greene And Exiting Comfort Zones

Twilight star Ashley Greene speaks up about expanding herself by leaving her comfort zones and trekking the unknown in order to push her boundaries.

The Real Reason Meghan Markle Found And Pursued Her Burning Inner...

Meghan learned that work that inspired her, never felt like work at all and found purpose where she could give back and give a voice to those who didn’t have one.

Adidas Commercial Impossible Is Nothing (Muhammad Ali)

This classic Adidas Impossible Is Nothing ad gets the mind fueled to dream big, to fear nothing and to not pay attention to the critics.

Becoming: Chris Evans On Recharging, Rejection And Living In The Moment

Chris Evans shares his story about how he got involved with his craft. He initially was aiming for art school before he got intrigued...

Halle Berry Oscar Speech- This Moment Is Bigger Than Me

Halle Berry instantly became a pioneer as she won the Oscar which was a pivotal moment in history as she was the first woman of color to win the award.