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Love Yourself

This section of the road map helps the user become more self-confident and learn to be more comfortable with themself

How To Embrace The Beauty and Paradoxical Nature of Suffering

Suffering, given that it is overcome, can inevitably lead to genuine happiness– and it needs to be embraced in order to undo the follies of the human condition.

Mariah Carey Explains How She Learned To Believe In Herself Early...

The legend, Mariah Carey unpacks how her Mother taught her the about positive affirmations, being optimistic and creating good beliefs about oneself.

Kevin Hart’s Inspiring Message: ‘Be Great Simply For You’

Kevin Hart speaks about a 5k run that he organized where he helps motivate and encourages people throughout to become great, not for anyone else, but for you.

What John Oliver’s Inner Principles Can Teach Us About Being Ourselves

John Oliver is a genius when it comes to his passion within political satire as he lives the concept of being true to one's self and speaking your mind.

10 Paul Giamatti Quotes About His ‘Go With The Flow’ Attitude...

We can be inspired by Giamatti and his outlook on his love for acting to make parallels in our own endeavors and passions by taking his words into account

Chris Evans Is A Real Life Super Hero Who Accepts His...

Chris Evans, who seems like his life is perfect, sends an important message that it's okay to be scared but it's not okay to be scared away.

Katy Perry On Personal Liberation & Interpretation

Katy Perry talks about the shrugging shoulders emoji of the girl who admits to not knowing things, and being okay with that.

10 Quotes By Winona Ryder to Help You Start Again

These quotes by Winona Ryder will give us encouragement when we need to accept and make peace with our past and start over.