Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

Famous Failures: 100 Failures Who Became Famous

These famous failures never understood the word 'no' as they pushed humanity forward by failing forward. They listened to the voice within over the noisy world.

From Rags to Riches: Parallels Between Kit Harington and Jon Snow

Both Kit Harington and Jon Snow of Game of Thrones possess a resolve within them that allows them to shine through any limitations that are placed upon them.

How Ryan Reynolds Used His Insecurities to Propel Himself to Stardom

The reason Ryan Reynolds could accomplish so much is because he was unwilling to succumb to mediocrity. He used his insecurities as a tool to use in acting.

Logic’s Story Teaches Us That Our Dark Times Can Be Used...

Logic is a great example of an artist with a message. Rather than let the darkness in his life weigh him down, he used negativity to create something positive.

Snoop Dogg And Asap Rocky – Closing The Gap

Veteran Snoop Dogg gives freshman Asap Rocky some killer advice that worked for himself regarding closing the gap on people who bring you down.

Michelle Obama’s Final Speech: Hope. Never Fear!

Michelle Obama gave her final words to the nation and she was nothing shy of her usual empowering self.

Steve Jobs And The Power Of Failure

The Mulligan Brothers created another masterpiece video montage which features narration from Steve Jobs. "If your afraid of failing, you went get very far."

J.Cole – From Depression To Happiness

J.Cole talks about pressure, depression and stress on a broad scale and also how those elements were certainly present in his own journey