Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

John Legend: Success Through Effort

Musician John Legend speaks with Khan Academy about his personal success and how he persevered through a ton of rejection. He believes that talent is overrated and that mastery and being tenacious is the real kicker to get you where you aspire to go.

Top 10 Keri Russell Quotes That Showcase The Power of Transformation

We need to break free from our past that no longer defines us, and chart new territory. These Keri Russell quotes will help us open our minds to new directions.

How Robert Desnos’s Story Can Bring Light to Our Darkest Times

Desnos shows us that through dark times imagination will aid us in cathartic ways, and also help us to help others to stay strong, supportive and optimistic.

Gertrude Stein: The Architect and Muse of Generations

The fervent innovation Gertrude Stein lived out as a person shows how no matter what the difficulties are, we can succeed and strive towards magnificence.

Kevin Spacey – Not Weird, Unique

Actor Kevin Spacey speaks up about his story growing up and how he was the victim of bullying but thankfully he had friends who empowered him to be different.

J.Cole – From Depression To Happiness

J.Cole talks about pressure, depression and stress on a broad scale and also how those elements were certainly present in his own journey

Mark Cuban Gives Advice For Broke And Struggling Entrepreneurs

Billionaire Mark Cuban tells a short tale about his broke and struggling days while creating a vision and gives practical advice.

Megan Fox – Do It. Be Yourself.

Megan Fox gives an important message about standing up to peer pressure, bullying and the power that comes with not needing to fit in and being yourself.