Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

Eminem On Proving The Doubters Wrong

Eminem talks about his come up story of the first time he went on stage and got booed, and how his main source of inspiration was proving the doubters wrong.

How Keanu Reeves Found Success and Modesty Through Tragedy

What makes Keanu Reeves' story special is his undying strength and ability to push through loss, tragedy and hardships to make his own success.

Joan Rivers Speech: You Can Turn Things Around

A memorable Emmy speech by Joan Rovers where she thanks her late husband for always reminding her to turn things around and never accept losses.

Bo Jackson Stayed True To His Inner Worth In The Face...

Bo Jackson proves that we all can achieve inner success at multiple things if we stay true to ourselves and be motivated by the inside world, not the outer one.

Fetty Wap’s Two-Year Overnight Success Interview With Forbes

Fetty Wap discusses with Forbes how his hit track Trap Queen was no where near an overnight success.

Unexpected – Ray Lewis Speech At TEDxYouth

Ray Lewis tells us how the greatest glory comes after we go through tremendous pain. He shares personal stories of how he turned pain into victory.

Wayne Dyer: Flowers Arise From Dirt and Rise Above All Odds

Remaining still, accepting defeat, embracing aloofness, and welcoming depressive thinking and emotions hinders the true human spirit and purpose.

Al Pacino Peace With Inches Any Given Sunday Speech

elivers one of the most motivating, gut-wrenching, ambitious speeches ever made in a Hollywood movie. In this Any Given Sunday "Peace with Inches" clip, Pacino explains "the fuckin' difference between winnin' and losin,' how it's all about fighting for ever inch, and the power of teamwork.