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Kelly Lovell – Bridging the Gap and Empowering the World’s Youth

Kelly Lovell is a 23 year old entrepreneur and leader who found her purpose for providing fresh innovative solutions and creative ideas and to empower the youth.

How Fergie Embodies the Divine Feminine as a Modern-day Goddess in...

In striking a balance with her life, Fergie gives adequate attention to her overall health, and wellness as well as reinventing her craft continuously.

Keep an Open Mind and that Will Make all the Difference...

Dr. Albert Hofmann discovered his life’s purpose by accidentally ingesting a substance while busy working away doing his routine lab work when he invented LSD.

Be A Game Changer Like Jony Ive Was For Apple By...

Jony Ive realized his passion through curiosity and took his dyslexia as a gift to apply focus on things he was fascinated with such as design and tech.

A Story About Heru And How He Discovered A True Power...

Heru, who had his legs amputated, overcame societal struggles via focusing inwardly and self-love. He earned a degree and is the star in a movie about his life.

Conner Franta And How His Youtube Career Fuelled His Authenticity, and...

20 yr old Connor Franta keeps reinventing his purpose by being creatively satisfied and authentic via being a Youtube star, fashion designer or Executive Producer,

Prince Ea – A Man With Authentic Passion & Soul Purpose

Prince Ea’s purpose is clear – to open up the planet’s ears, eyes, hearts, & minds to the infinite possibilities of shifting into a more empowered state of being.

Wayne Dyer: Flowers Arise From Dirt and Rise Above All Odds

Remaining still, accepting defeat, embracing aloofness, and welcoming depressive thinking and emotions hinders the true human spirit and purpose.