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Inspirational Interviews from Famous Successful People

Beyonce Q & A’s About Her Inner Powers

Queen B answers questions about her success, her passions and what inspires her. An interview that really digs into the whys and hows of Beyonce's career, touching on her self worth, her gratitude and why she deserves everything she has earned.

Floyd Mayweather Jr on Self Belief

"I'm in this sport to be the best." Mayweather touches on his strong level of confidence in himself and how some may think he's cocky, but he states that he just really believes he's that great. His mindset towards himself is obvious proof for the rest of us, that we must believe in ourselves to an extreme extent.

John Legend: Success Through Effort

Musician John Legend speaks with Khan Academy about his personal success and how he persevered through a ton of rejection. He believes that talent is overrated and that mastery and being tenacious is the real kicker to get you where you aspire to go.

Lenny Kravitz On Following Through With Goals

In a Master Class episode by Oprah‘s OWN network, Lenny Kravitz discusses how he was inspired by his grandfather to succeed. He explains the most valuable lesson he learned which was the power of following through to achieve your dreams, which, in his words, requires discipline.

Jerry Seinfeld: What I Love More Than Money

In this short snippet of the interview, Jerry Seinfeld states that what he loves, what drives him in life, is energy. Here is a transcript of what is said in the interview:

Will Smith Motivational Video On Successful People

Will Smith states where his motivation comes from, and what traits he believes successful people have in common. One of the main traits he believes, is that they have a certain delusional quality whereby they believe something can be done that's never been done before.

Bob Dylan On Destiny

In this interview with Bob Dylan, he explains what he believes "destiny" means, and its a bit different than the usual meaning, this allows us to take a peak into the mind of how one of the greatest musicians of all time thought.

Kevin Spacey on Why “Wanting” To Be Successful Isn’t Enough

Kevin Spacey says wanting to be successful is NOT enough! That "wanting" is just "desire," instead you have to know exactly "what" you want to accomplish and "why" you want to accomplish it.