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5 Quotes Proving Russell Wilson’s High Self Worth

Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson is the stuff of legend. He is not just one of the youngest, but already one of the most proven QB's in the game. From these 5 statements, it's very obvious that his self belief and confidence in himself served him well.

Serena Williams’ 12 Stimulating Statements

Serena Williams is one of the best female tennis stars of all time and she's an inspiration to women and men alike for her optimistic mentality and her ability to continuously grow. Most people don't know, but she actually grew up in one of the roughest towns in the US... Compton.

9 Inspiring Quotes by Female Soccer Legend #9 Mia Hamm

Image: Creative Commons: www.wikipedia.com   Mia Hamm is one of the greatest female soccer legends of all time, let alone, one of the most successful female athletes...

Dave Chappelle’s 7 Quotes To Live By

Dave Chappelle is known for his hilarious jokes and dead-on impressions, but he also has another side that makes him a pretty well rounded character. The legend of comedy is actually really wise?

30 Genius Vincent Van Gogh Quotes

Vincent Van Gogh is an iconic figure today, however, he was fairly poor and unknown to the public during his years alive. Here's 30 powerful and wise statements by the painter, that show he was not just clever and creative with his paint brush but also with his soul

Jim Morrison: 12 Liberating Quotes

Poet, singer, song-writer and lead vocalist of The Doors, Jim Morrison, was a revolutionary artist of his time who influenced the 60's and generations...

15 Most Inspiring Quotes By Dr. Seuss

We are all kids, and Dr. Seuss was very fond of that inner child within. His youthful soul full of wisdom and knowledge really steered all of us in some way. Here's his most inspiring quotes over the course of his life that really empowered kids and adults alike, to reach high, believe, have self respect and be proud to be different.

Quotes: 15 Tyra Banks Quotes That Prove She Knows the Success...

Tyra Banks is a very successful businesswomen who is a talkshow host, a best-selling author, actress and she also created and hosted America's Next Top Model. Here are her 15 statements that prove she really understands the requirements of success.