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Videos to get the mind and body stimulated.

Kris Bryant: Confidence, Mental Game & Work Ethic Were The Key...

Kris Bryant sheds some wise words about living in the moment, having a strong belief system and doing work that you love so you "never have to work again".

Cristiano Ronaldo: Its Not About the Money, Its About the Passion

Cristiano Ronaldo, now a four-time Champions League winner, speaks on his love for the game of football, his relentless hunger to achieve more and...

LeBron James on passing Michael Jordan in scoring “I did everything...

LeBron James beat his heroes record and became the highest point getter in playoff history and he humbly addressed how he always looked up to Michael and wanted to chase his legacy.

P.K. Subban on Enthusiasm & Being Yourself

P.K. Subban reflects on his larger than life personality and how he has enthusiasm in everything he does. His advice to today's youth: be...

Lonzo Ball Reveals His New Sneakers And The Mindset That Enabled...

In this Slam interview, Lonzo speaks about dreaming big, like every other kid out there, and explains how the norm was never motivating for him.

Russell Westbrook’s Philosophy: Why Not?

In this post game interview, Russell Westbrook shares his thoughts of having a limitless mindset and stretching his own perception of what he believes is possible.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Confidence And Believing In What You Do

World renowned soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic stresses that if you believe in what you do and keep going, you will eventually get there.

Tom Brady: They Doubted Me From The Beginning

Tom Brady is living proof that struggles do not need to define or stop us an if we evolve, we get to see the other side, and it's so much brighter.