Shay Mitchell’s New Years Resolutions

Ah, the new year. That time of the year where we all have thought of things we want to work on, things we want to do, and things we want to learn for the upcoming year. Shay Mitchell, star of Pretty Little Liars, has FIVE new year resolutions and she told them to her fans in one of her videos on her youtube channel.

1) Learn Spanish

Shay Mitchell says that she ALWAYS has a desire to learn new things. She has always
wanted to, however, she was busy the last seven years filming Pretty Little Liars so she was not able to! In Shay’s eyes, languages are so important, especially since she travels so much. She has always been jealous and envious of her friends who can speak more than one language.

1.) Take Salsa Classes!

Shay has always been interested in dancing, so that is why she really wants to do this in 2017. She believes that 2017 is the year where it’s all about doing new challenges that she hasn’t had the chance to do before. Also, she mentioned tennis lessons; she might want to try taking them as well!

2.) Replace some music with more podcasts and audiobooks

In her opinion, listening to podcasts and audiobooks while driving in your car is the PERFECT time for you to be learning.


Shay claims in this video that she has ALWAYS wanted to go to Japan; she mentioned Tokyo in particular.

4) Eat out less and cook more

She has been ordering postmates a lot lately; and she said that it has been getting kind of
expensive. She also mentioned that this is the year where she will be taking cooking classes. Shay encourages us to do the same. She thinks that if you write your goals down, say them out loud, or share them with your friends, you would be more motivated to make your goals happen. So, have these goals of hers inspired you in any way?