Jared Padalecki Talks About His Depression And Discusses Some Insights

Jared Padalecki, most known for his role of Sam Winchester in the American Supernatural show titled Supernatural, stated in mid -2015 that you are not alone; he also suffers from depression himself.

He is doing everything he can to lend his support to anyone that is struggling; whether it is mental health issues or any other hardship in your life. Jared has also gone public about his battle with anxiety. After this, he launched a charity T-shirt campaign, Always Keep Fighting, to benefit nonprofit organization To Write Love on Her Arms, which supports people that struggle with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.

He did an interview with E! News, which answered more questions about his depression.
Jared said that he was this 17-year old boy from San Antonio who suddenly went out to big, scary, Hollywood. According to him, the only way he knew how to deal with his anxiety was to just keep working and to keep his head down. This meant working, reading, studying, going to class, auditioning, and meeting with agents. However, it seem to finally all caught up.

His Always Keep Fighting shirt fundraising campaign did very well. According to Jared, this shows that there are lots of people out there dealing with the same issues and just wanted a way to talk about or express it; they are trying to spread the word. They basically want to say that “We’re not alone.” Jared says that even he, at the position that he is at now, has to remind himself sometimes that he is not alone.

Jared said that in the business that he is in, it can sometimes feel lonely. He said that you have tons of people around you; cast members, crew members, fans, friends, and family, but if you are living in your head, it doesn’t matter how many people you are surrounded with. You will just end up overwhelmed.

He said that yes, to a degree, there is a taboo attached to talking about mental health issues. Jared said that everyone’s conditions are different; for some people they can heal themselves by thinking positively. However, there are others out there where it isn’t so easy. He said that slowly, generation by generation, we are taking away that taboo, and that he is proud to be able to be a part of it.

Upon opening up about his mental struggles, there have been lots of support. However, there have been some mean comments. One of them was that he  was rich, so he shouldn’t have a mental struggle. Jared said that this is kind of like a taboo. People think that rich people won’t ever have anxiety or depression; however, it is not the case.

Jared said that he has been approached by some other celebrities who told him that they have been going through mental issues as well.

He said that he would like for campaigns to go on and keep on doing what they are trying to achieve. Jared even hopes that in the further future, when he is no longer in this planet, that there will still be campaigns who aim to help those struggling mentally.

Author: Sandy Chiu