One For The Money, Two For The Fraction Of The Show

Lights. Camera. Action. The audience is roaring, the coaches are yelling, the teams are sweating. The audience is at the tip of their seats just hoping their team of choice takes the trophy home. American football is an event that every one can agree is a big deal-whether you watch it or not. This year the Patriots and Falcons went head to head for the win, and as we all know, the Patriots won! Yay.

But before 1993, that was the only highlight that came along with these games. Nothing really exciting other than a bunch of big guys playing football, of course. Perhaps a band that some people know of may have played to entertain the people and kill time. Not until they switched it up and made the Superbowl a spectacle to remember. The King of Pop graced the stage in 1993. Like a soldier, he stood on the stage and didn’t say a word as the crowd went wild. With every turn of his head, the crowd got louder ad louder. That, my friends, is when the Super Bowl became SUPER!  Fast forwarding to 2017, where we have pop star Lady Gaga who is far from camera shy, performing for the highly anticipated night. This is her second time performing and though I am a fan of Gaga, I will say that she hasn’t disappointed.

For the last couple of the years, though, Gaga’s career hasn’t been the best. Her last album didn’t do very well  and people started to forget about her. She eventually took some time to look into who she wants to be as an artist and began creating new music that she felt was right. Luckily for her, the Super Bowl half time spot was a great way to bring Gaga back to life. Her energetic presence and strong voice are nothing to sneeze at. She always guarantees a show that is worthy of being talked about. What better time to show what you’re made out of then Super Bowl Halftime? The jump she took had everyone in awe! Her message of people being united was beautiful – especially at a time like this. Let’s not forget her Atelier Versace-made outfit that made her shine throughout the performance. Half-time is definitely a pivotal and beneficial moment for an artist. In that moment, you are truly the shining star whose goal is to exude light, energy and excitement. And Gaga, was able to do exactly that.

Author: Leeann Tannah

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