Breaking Down Muhammad Ali’s Quote “Champions Aren’t Made In Gyms”

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them — a desire, a dream, a vision.” – Muhammad Ali

Dedication and hard work are both key elements for champions. It is not the dedication and hard work in the gym or out of the gym that determines a champions ability. No, the ability to be or become great begins first in the mind of the individual. Belief, is more important than anything else. If the champion cannot first see themselves a champion, then the chance they will ever actually become one is very limited. This is the same principle for any of us and who we desire to become.

Anyone can give up. Anyone can get into a slump. Anyone can make mistakes. What separates the champion from their competitor? What separates the champion is nothing we can see on the outside, but is everything that exists on the inside. These people possess a winning mindset. Where does a winning mindset come from? Does it just one day suddenly show up inside someone? No, the mindset of a champion comes from the desire, the dream, and the vision, which is worked upon through time, energy and resources. Self awareness, mind enhancing, fueling the mind from within to evolve into a better you than who you were yesterday.

Champions have deep inside them an unshakeable belief that doesn’t push them, but pulls them along the path. When obstacles arise, they have their internal drive pulling them, while they push through the pain and struggle. It is this combination of pull and push working together that creates success. What is character? Character is what champions do when no one is watching! We often hear the phrase “heart of a champion.” What does it mean to have the heart of a champion?

What is often referred to as the heart of a champion, is actually the character. The real question is what makes up the character of a champion?

It starts with belief, a belief about what’s possible. It starts with a desire, a dream, and a vision, and is completed with dedication, commitment, hard work, passion and persistence. Champions aren’t made in the trenches, at gyms, or in boardrooms, they are made from that thing deep, deep, inside. Champions BELIEVE they define success and they put the fate into their own hands!

Author: Bobby Kountz

Bobby Kountz is a former Oncology Nurse, a seasoned Oncology Sales Professional, and Personal Development Enthusiast. He is also an Inspirational Writer, Professional Speaker, Personal Development and Career Transition Coach, Dedicated Community Volunteer, Social Equality Activist, Mental Health Activist, and Loving Father and Husband.

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