10 Ian Somerhalder Quotes to Strive for Greater Possibilities

Most may know Ian Somerhalder from his sultry stare and charming grin seen in the popular television series The Vampire Diaries. But this model turned actor has more to himself than just looks; acting, directing, and creating his own charity are just the beginning for this honorable guy.

Ian Somerhalder was born in Louisiana, a place he holds dear to his Southern heart. From a young age, he was noticed for his looks as he began his modeling career at the young age of ten for clothing companies such as Guess. From there he decided to pursue acting at seventeen years old, and accepted what would be his breakthrough role as Boone in Lost.

Through all his success on the screen, acting is not Ian Somehalder’s first love. When Hurricane Katrina hit his home state preceding the devastating Gulf Oil Spill in 2010, Somerhalder was overcome with a sense of despair for the beautiful place in which he grew up. He decided to take further action than just cleaning up the coast line, and established the Ian Somerhalder Foundation on his 32nd birthday. The foundation aims to educate people about environmental awareness and promote conservation, as well as protect animals and endorse  adoption.

Through all his work, Ian Somerhalder has turned his fame into something that can make a tangible difference in the world, and it is just the beginning for him and his foundation.

Here are 10 inspiring quotes from Ian Somerhalder that are reminders to keep striving for more and directly impacting the world around you.

10 Ian Somerhalder Quotes:


“You don’t always win, but every time you lose, you get better.” – Ian Somerhalder


“True statement: live it, love it, leave the world better off than when you got here.” – Ian Somerhalder


“Whether it’s physically having a visual of what you want to accomplish in front of you want to accomplish in front of you, like a running list or a vision board, or mentally visualizing and taking time to meditate, having a vision of what you are running for keeps you from running for the sake of running.” – Ian Somerhalder


“I’m starting to realize there’s no stopping us now. An idea, a feeling, a movement can’t just be squashed. It’s impossible now.” – Ian Somerhalder


“So many people are working in industries that don’t inspire them, to pay the bills and survive. In an ideal world, everyone would get paid to work within their passion and expand their talents. If you have a skill, a passion, and a love for creating change, the best way to support us is to co-create with us.” – Ian Somerhalder


“Your strongest ally or your greatest teacher may be sitting within reach, unbeknownst to you.” – Ian Somerhalder


“People have amazing ideas. The main problem –  I won’t call it a problem, let’s call it a roadblock – is if you use the analogy of a convoy of vehicles going to help a distress situation: they have all the resources needed, and as the convoy is travelling, there’s a rock slide. You can’t get through the road. What good does any of that stuff do when you can’t get it to where it needs to go?” – Ian Somerhalder


“I can’t let time move on without fighting tooth and nail and hopefully being a part of a revolution that is positive.” – Ian Somerhalder


“It’s the diversity of intelligence, the diversity of creativity, that is so very much necessary to creating whole solutions.” – Ian Somerhalder


“We the people are the change makers.” – Ian Somerhalder

selenaAuthor: Selena Doner

Selena Doner is a freelance journalist who is passionate about environmental issues, social justice, arts and culture, and travel.