This Ingredient From Robin Williams’ Life Will Make Yours A More Magical Ride

No matter who you ask, at what time and in what place, people will always cherish
those who make them laugh. The late and great Robin Williams, through his work both
in film and on stage, has done just that and more for millions of fans everywhere.
Whether you are familiar with his story or just admire some of his more popular work, it’s
undoubtedly true that the entertainment industry has yet to see a man as talented, funny
and warm-hearted.
Beginning his career as a stand-up comedian in San Francisco, to then star in the hit
television series Mork and Mindy, it was clear from the start of his popularity that
Williams was a force to be reckoned with. Many of his funniest moments, however, were
during his late night show appearances where his unfathomable skills in improvised
comedy were given a spotlight. His ability to hit punchline after punchline by pulling
humour out of thin air is where audiences began to feel inspired by him.
Success seemed to follow Williams from then on, but to the surprise of many, Williams
landed heavier, dramatic roles that would cement himself as actor in such films as Dead
Poet’s Society and Good Will Hunting, for which he won an Oscar. As many are
unaware, he also pursued Broadway theatre performances as Estragon in Waiting for
Godot and in 1996 played Osric in the film adaptation of Hamlet. Of course, he also
continued to be involved in comedy movies inclusive of his iconic roles as Mrs.
Doubtfire in Mrs. Doubtfire and as the Genie in Aladdin.
Regardless of his achievements, it’s astounding to know that what really made Williams
an inspiring role model is in what lies beyond his career. As many found out after his
death on August 11, 2014 when he took his own life, Williams, despite spending a
lifetime making millions laugh and smile, was also suffering from depression. Williams
has had difficulty with alcoholism and substance abuse throughout his life.
Robin Williams was a humanitarian in his own right. Through his work with The United
Service Organization (USO), Williams toured and performed for American troops abroad
in an effort to lift their spirits during their service. Williams would also lend his talents for
fundraising efforts and during visits at various hospitals and health centers. His big heart
also extended to his fellow comedians in the industry, including Conan O’Brien, who
during a lower moment in his life, Robin jokingly bought and delivered a bright Irish
green bicycle to his home. When he wasn’t spending time in his creative endeavours,
Williams worked just as hard in supporting others.
Even though it’s been three whole years since his passing, the shock of the news still
lingers and his presence has not left us entirely. However, there’s not a time when one
of his movies or comedy specials will fail to make us laugh uncontrollably and miss him
dearly. Here’s to a legacy left strong and to a man who taught others how to be
compassionate and helpful regardless of life’s hardships.

Author: Raazia Rafeek

aaeaaqaaaaaaaai0aaaajdm5ngi1zgrhlwu2mgetndrioc1iythkltfiyjvhytkwmdi4oaRaazia Rafeek lives in Toronto writing, painting and studying to complete her final year of her Honours English degree. With an interest and passion for everything creative, she wishes to see her career through in Marketing or hopefully, film and production. Check her work out at


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