Kris Bryant: Confidence, Mental Game & Work Ethic Were The Key To Becoming World Series Champ


Kris Bryant is a third baseman for the Chicago Cubs and was a key piece to their victorious World Series win in 2016 (after 108 years) where he also won the MVP. Kris Bryant tells everyone in this interview that mental game is the most important asset which gave him the much needed inner confidence and work ethic to hit big. He also sheds some wise words about living in the moment, having a strong belief system and doing work that you love so you “never have to work again”.

“I love the challenge of ‘you know the best in the game fail 7 out of 10 times, that’s just something that I want to be apart of as long as I can. Growing up I was always the guy that wanted to hit the home run, you know it makes up for all the times you just fail. I’ve been trying to hit the ball in the air my whole life, and that’s what I think is apart of my success.” – Kris Bryant