Elvis Presley

Born: January 8, 1935, Mississippi, US | Successful For: King of Rock, | Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Elvis Presley Inspiring Facts

3 Lessons From Elvis Presley’s Success Story:


Elvis Presley Understood His Dreams Were On The Other Side of His Deepest Fears:

Elvis learned how to get out of his comfort zone. He was known to be a very shy kid and as a kid was first scared to perform in front of others. He was seen as a “loner” who would bring his guitar to school daily. Elvis Presley, didn’t let the fear of success stop him, whereby his friend scheduled him for on air performances, and Elvis defeated his fear of stage fright for the first time. The fear again daunted him when his family moved to a different city and he was once again shy to perform openly. He eventually got out of his comfort zone once again, and began performing in front of others. He then gained confidence to compete in Humes’s Annual “Minstrel” show. This was a significant breakthrough for Elvis since he recalled that the performance did a lot for his reputation and he claims that it was amazing how popular he became after that. It was when he began to face his fears directly that he began to blow up big-time. When one overcomes their fears, they grow into bigger people. He once stated “I’ve never gotten over what they call stage-fright. I go through it every show.”


Elvis Was Highly Passionate About Music, And Practiced Immensely, This Made The Perfect Combination:

Elvis was first inspired by music at his local church. As a youngster, Elvis was told by his teacher to enter a singing contest after impressing her with a song during morning prayers at school. He placed 5th and his passion began. He received a guitar for one of his birthdays and the following year, he received basic guitar lessons from two of his uncles. He practiced all the time and learned from others. Elvis didn’t even initially get lessons. He was so passionate about music that he’d play and sing during lunchtime, and was often teased as a “trashy” kid who played hillbilly music. When one of his classmates would take him to the Tupelo radio station, where Elvis was described as “crazy about music”. The family later moved where he’d get guitar lessons from neighbors 2 years his age, finally, his practice began to stand out, and began gaining recognition. The king of rock once stated “rock and roll music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can’t help but move to it. That’s what happens to me. I can’t help it.”


Elvis Was A Victor, He Overcame All Obstacles:

Elvis Presley overcame obstacles and became a victor. Elvis came from a very poor background, his family was living off government checks, and was constantly helped out by neighbors. He was often bullied, and called a loner or mama’s boy in school but he did not let the discouragement ever get to him. His family later lived in an African American neighborhood where a lot of his music inspiration came from, but Elvis always felt left out from other classmates. People can either let circumstances bring them down or use them as motivation, as for Elvis, this was his mindset; “From the time I was a kid, I always knew something was going to happen to me. Didn’t know exactly what.”

Elvis Presley Famous Dance

Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” – Quote by Elvis Presley


Little Known Success Fact:

To put some of the king of rock’s lifetime achievements into perspective, here are “some” of them: He was the youngest to receive the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36; he has been inducted to 4 different music hall of fames, most notably for his rock n roll presence; He performed in the first ever concert broadcasted globally through satellite, called Aloha from Hawaii and it was seen by an estimated 1.5 billion viewers; He was a huge influence in African American sound. Elvis Presley gave energized performances that would shake crowds and move people like no other with his wild dance moves, songs and his greaser good looks which made him enormously popular.


Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes”  Quote by Elvis Presley






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