How Fergie Embodies the Divine Feminine as a Modern-day Goddess in Mastering the Demands of her Family Life and Personal Life

Fergie’s new album Double Duchess released on September 22. Fergie deliberately chose this date to parallel the title of the album 22=Double Duchess.  It is no coincidence, that according to numerology, the number 22 ‘…is the most powerful of all numbers, able to turn lofty dreams into realities.  It is confident, pragmatic, ambitious and disciplined’ (, setting the tone for album completion.

Fergies’ ability to produce this album, is testament to how she embodies characteristics of a modern-day Goddess! Double Duchess was to be released earlier, however, due to Fergie’s family demands since having her son, caused her to pace herself a little more; ‘I’m a wife and mom and everything takes three times as long’ (Fergie Duhamel, 104.3 MYfmRadioInterview).  And since it took a little longer, she decided to give her fans a ‘full meal…full ear candy, eye candy, food for thought – everything! So that’s why it took so long’ (Fergie Duhamel, eTalk). She even shot videos for every song on the album to give the fans a lot of ‘goodies’! 

So back to the Goddess part.  Only a Goddess can do what Fergie has accomplished with Double Duchess.  In striking a balance with her personal life, making sure to give adequate attention to her overall health, wellness and amazing physique, as well as perfecting her craft of producing and singing, she has been able to carve out the life of her dreams.  A Goddess ‘…creates her own destiny, rather than allowing her environment to shape her. Her energy comes from a place of centeredness and balance.  She is in touch with her intuition and brave enough to follow It’s guidance’.(1).   

Lets break it down;

1.) Fergie creates her own destiny, rather than allowing her environment to shape her:

Many – but not all women, will succumb to demands of family life and live never carving out the time and space to create and develop their desires, passions and talents, nor take care of their health and wellbeing. ‘I’m too tired and exhausted’ can easily become ones’ daily mantra – severely limiting oneself to live out perhaps but a fraction of a dream. Fergie plays hard and ‘loves hard’ with her family.  Makes forts with her son with pillows. Fergie has ‘struggled’ to create the balance her life requires and sings about this very topic in her album.  She experienced mother/son separation …crying on the way to the studio but says ‘‘I had to push myself’ and describes it as Putting the oxygen mask on yourself first’ before putting it on others.  Although her time in the studio, since having a child is limited, she makes the best of her time while she’s there as she knows she has to get back in time to sleep as her son will be up at 6am!  Although it took a while to complete Double Duchess, Fergie committed herself to taking action daily in family life and career life to make it happen. 

2.) Her energy comes from a place of centeredness and balance:

Fergie makes her physical, mental and emotional well-being a priority and her physical radiance and beautiful figure is evidence of the time she puts into keeping balanced and centered. “Fall in love with the woman you’re becoming…you gotta clear out the noise, find that moment with yourself and go on that voice.”  

3.) She is in touch with her intuition and brave enough to follow It’s guidance:

This album was a product of Fergies’ own deep introspection at this time of her life.  She wrote her thoughts and insights in a journal … ‘I’m a pen and pad type of girl’.  The journaling was the medium in which Fergie’s creative ideas started to flow – ultimately unleashing her Divine Feminine – the connection to her inner Goddess, setting the tone to creating her masterpiece ‘Double Duchess’. 

 ‘[It ] seemed like the right sentiment to release something like this right now…[the world needs] healing.  [I’m a] mom, artist and wife. [the album is] real, vulnerable and contemplative…all over the map – truly who I am’. (Fergie Duhamel, 104.3, MYfmRadioInterview)

“I’m very close with my higher power, I’m very close with it” – Fergie

In closing, Fergie is an excellent example of a modern-day Goddess. Through her example, her ability to balance and prioritize family, while engaging her creative side and taking action to see her creative ideas to fruition, we can emulate this formula to see our own desires and passion through. 

Now – more than ever, in the broad spectrum of time, Divine Feminine energy is required. It is not just for women to embrace, but for men to also discover within themselves “it means including and valuing the feminine
as an equally fundamental dynamic of the creative life force and the divine, along with the masculine. The yang cannot exist without the yin. It means remembering our interconnection and oneness: we are not separate from each other and creation.”


1.       Bender, Sierra. Goddess to the Core.

Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2009.

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