Crystal Gordon – A Beautiful Soul Amplifying Others Through Plant-Based Detox Education

Crystal Gordon is someone who has found her passion and purpose in life and is living it every single day! This inspiring soul spends her time whipping up new plant-based recipes and educating others on how to incorporate natural healing tools in simple and easy ways. She is known within various healing communities as someone who lives with joy, love, and spirit. Crystal came to this path in her own way; since she was young she struggled with health issues that became more amplified, as she got older. She dealt with chronic pain so bad she had to quit her job and drop out of school. She would eat food to make her “feel” better[1] but it really was just sending her body into more distress. Later she began to realize what role food played in her life, as it was the only thing she felt in control of – it was being used as a form of love and freedom for her self. Soon after this realization she met a healer that completely changed her view of food and medicine, with just one meeting! She began to really contemplate the way food was linked to her emotions and how she felt. She began researching everything from digestion, detoxification to ancient healing modalities. This lead her to deepen her sense of self and soon her health began to transform![2] Since meeting that healer, Crystal has studied and completed programs through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition[3] and at the International School of Detoxification[4] with Doctor Morse (N.D.). While she has grown mind, body and spirit through these programs she is able to share her passion with others to help heal and change their lives.
What are her passions?

Crystal is passionate about sharing her tips, tools and techniques to healing for those suffering from dis-ease. She has healing protocols for everyone – from digestion distress, to autoimmune issues and weight-loss. She deals most directly with issues surrounding digestion, auto-immunity, and hormonal imbalance teaching people to heal with plants as medicine. Crystal is a healer who enjoys whipping up simple and delicious plant-based recipes, healing protocols to reach people at varying levels of dis-ease, and creating content that allows people to learn how to empower their health.


What is her purpose?

Crystal’s purpose has been to empower others to take their health and life back! She helps people to feel regenerated, renewed and energized. She has created a unique system of combining science and self-care to help her clients to heal and regain their passion for life.
How did she find it?

Crystal found her purpose through her own struggle with autoimmune disease and digestive problems. She dealt with chronic pain due to digestive issues and interstitial cystitis, along with a list of many other symptoms. A chance encounter with a healer changed her life and step-by-step she was able to regain her health and life back. In the process of healing herself she has learnt ancient, alternative and effective techniques that she now shares with others. She found her path through her own adversity, she learned how to shift, change and empower herself and now shares this passion of healing and regeneration with others.

Currently, Crystal works with clients to empower their mind, body and soul. She offers a holistic approach to wellness that is unique to her education through Integrative Nutrition and Detoxification specialization. Through this process she has gained many tips and tools on how to love the food you eat to feel radiant inside and out! Crystal has learned first hand how to create a lifestyle of abundance through healthy food choices and positive self-talk! She has worked with many clients to help them to gain insight into food habits, and shift perspectives of the body in a way that cultivates understanding and awareness.

Author Bio: Tasha Konkin

Tasha Konkin is a young creative with a passion for holistic health. From teaching yoga, creating new plant-based recipes & experimenting with new experiences, she follows a path to healing through the connection of movement & alternative techniques.



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