Lucille Ball

Born: August 6, 1911, New York, US | Successful For: Actress | Zodiac Sign: Leo

Lucille Ball rejections failures

Inner Keys to Success:

  • LEARN FROM FAILURES, KEEP MOVING FORWARD: Lucille Ball succeeded because she learned from her failures. Her first acting gig was in Broadway, however was fired shortly after. She would fail once again from the Shubert Brothers production of Stepping Stones and after another unaccredited role as one of the Goldwyn Girls in the Roman Scandals she permanently moved to Hollywood to take small roles in films which finally found some small success. Years later, she hit major fame. The key here is that she never gave up, failure after failure she kept moving forward. Lucille was so determined in the industry that she appeared in a total of 72 movies during her long career.
  • YOUR DEEPEST DESIRES ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: She got out of her comfort zones and faced her fears. Lucille always had a drive to do something big and when she was 15, she convinced her mother to allow her to enrol in a New York City drama school. Even though she was longing to make it on the stage, she was too nervous to draw much notice. Lucille Ball stated that “I was a tongue-tied teenager spellbound by the school’s star pupil, Bette Davis,”. And the school wrote to her mother saying “Lucy’s wasting her time and ours”. She’s to shy and reticent to put her best foot forward.” She later finally landed her first role. This is an excellent example of how to succeed as she even quotes I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.”.
  • THE DETERMINED AND BOLD GET FURTHER: Lucille was very bold and did not let other people bring her down. Her grandfather, Fred Hunt, was a very eccentric man who sparked the passion for acting in young Lucille’s life. He frequently took the family to shows and encouraged young Lucille to take part in her own acting career by taking part in school plays. However, as a youngster, she was constantly told she was too shy, but did not take the words to heart. She would be told many times that she was not good enough throughout her career as she was even nicknamed the Queen B’s for her many roles in B films. But she handled adversity very well as she would become a very famous star that aired on TV more than any actor/actress in the world. Throughout her career she has been known as an underdog but she always proved the critics wrong as she kept a strong mindset and claims “I’m happy that I have brought laughter because I have been shown by many the value of it in so many lives, in so many ways.”

Lucille Ball Ricky Ricardo Scene

“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” – Lucille Ball

Little Known Success Fact:

Lucy starred in many sitcoms that where she was the lead role including I Love Lucy, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Here’s Lucy, and Life With Lucy. In one of the most memorable TV episodes ever, I Love Lucy touched on the theme of pregnancy and Lucy gave birth to Little Ricky which was the same day the real-life Lucy delivered her son.

“I’m not funny, what I am is brave” – Lucille Ball 



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