Why Is Passion So Important And How Do You Find It?

power of passion

What is passion and why should we follow it? The always confusing but very redundant question on many people’s minds these days. Is it just another word for hobbies and interests? Or is it something much greater that we can combine with our life’s work?

Lets investigate and come to some form of valid reasoning, because clearly, these days, it’s on everybody’s minds. Some people have most definitely found it, and many are searching for it. Others believe it’s just hype, and then there are those who find you can love anything with a certain perspective as opposed to many who thinks it’s an internal chord that tugs you. It’s a topic up for discussion, let’s get to some conclusions…


Is Passion An Ingredient For Success:

Success is different for everyone and completely a perspective thing that resides in the eye of the beholder. However, most conclude that success is usually either a form of wealth or happiness. There obviously can be different variations to the word, but generally these are the 2 most directly correlated to the term success. At FeelingSuccess, we link passion as a highly regarded need for success in both terms of wealth and happiness, here’s why…

Passion Makes You ‘More’ Money:

It’s fair to say everyone has passions, and we can probably admit we often have more than one. Each their own, some have more for something particular and some have less, and some for different reasons. Some people may confuse their so called ‘passion’ with lust or ego. But one things forsure, it can not be measured in volume. Some may argue, money and happiness can determine some level of passion.

People who strive further and end up making more money as a result of they’re hunger, this is usually the result of someone having a deeper desire from within. Because other wise they would probably quit, and unless they have a strong love of what they are doing, they wouldn’t be able to endure through difficulties and adversities. But this is something still up for debate, one could say the person made lots of money because they had more focus, discipline, and perseverance. OK, so its probably fair to atleast say, passion will assist you in making more money, because it will help you have more focus, discipline, and perseverance. And when the going gets tough, you will probably keep going. Why? Because you have an element of fun, and you have excitement and energy to keep going through all the rocky roads that are inevitable when trying to accumulate wealth.

In fact, almost every successful and high achieving individual person says so themselves and it’s at the top of the list for characteristics that lead to financial freedom.

Strategic investor Warren Buffett calls it ‘tap dancing to work’. It was much easier for him to generate profits from stocks because of his deep seeded passion. He enjoyed buying, selling, investing and strategizing from the get go as a kid.

Director Steven Spielberg enjoyed creating adventure films with his friends as a child with his 8 mm camera as he would even charge admission.

Hugely talented singer Mariah Carey would skip class and be fired from nearly every job she ever took because she was always so determined and focused on becoming a musician. This was directly related to her love for music and performing.

Passion Creates An Abundance of Happiness:

Now lets think about passion and happiness. Having a deep sense of pleasure in what you do will stimulate your mind. Being intrigued and engaged would certainly create more happy endorphin’s. And with an increase in passion there would likely be a decrease in resistance, stress and pressure.

Question? When your part taking in your favorite hobby or pass-time, are you generally happy? Does it give you a therapeutic sense of replenishment? Most importantly, does it exercise a healthy energetic feeling within you that’s nearly unexplainable? If you answered ‘no’ to the following questions, it’s simple, you more than likely don’t actually enjoy those experiences and it might be a tad bit unhealthy to your overall happiness. Now if you answered ‘yes’, that’s a good indication that passion does lead to more happiness and overall a more joyous experience. So it’s pretty obvious that passion is directly correlated to our inner happiness. It’s very wise to make sure our passions are infused into much of what we do. Of course not everything, but most things we do should include a heavy dose. Work, play, relationships – all should be correlated with something or someone we enjoy spending time with.

Passion Is Important For Relationships And Your Free Time:

Most people follow their feelings and inner road map when it comes to the hobbies they choose, and ‘usually’ their friends and romantic partners too. Why would you want to play a sport or take an interest in something you don’t really care for? The same goes for friends, do you prefer people who make you ‘feel good’ and individuals who share similar ideas and interest? We hope so. How about your lovers, are they someone you align with wholeheartedly? Again, we hope so. We don’t have 1000 years on this planet, so we might as well get ourselves in tuned with things we are passionate about, and that goes easily hand in hand with our life’s work too. Remember, you will working just as much as playing, so choose wisely. You don’t want to be putting in time, you want the time to be valuably spent. Often, people who are ‘doing time’ are literally depressed, angry, frustrated and spend their weekends drinking their sorrows from the week.


Nature’s Way Of Design:

We were clearly designed to flow with our natural gifts or desires, anything else would be going against the way we were built. As unorthodox as the example goes, it would be like fish trying to fly or a deer trying to climb. They weren’t designed that way! And neither were us humans. Everything in our solar system and our earth included flows with what they are meant to do and be. When you really clue in, it’s quite simple, do thing’s that make you feel good and do things that are aligned with who you are and how you were uniquely built. We all have special talents, gifts and urges.

How To Find This So Called ‘Passion’:

So if we can agree that passion really does mean a lot in terms of happiness, fulfillment, design and certainly wealth, how do we find it?

This is one of the very challenging components, to know when you’ve found it and if it is our one true main passion and purpose. Many people who have admitted to fully finding it have said you’ll just know, other’s have said it will pull you, to the point you don’t feel like there even is a choice anymore. It can be a tricky thing. Of course, like mentioned in the beginning, it can’t really be measured. But one thing’s for sure, when we follow our mind or the ego, which is based upon society’s standards, it will surely be a lot tougher to ‘know’ what feels right. Society has unintentionally programmed and conditioned us to ‘follow’, take the conventional path, go with something that guarantees money (security) and care what other’s think of us. The classic, it’s ‘cool’ based on society, to be an actor or a lawyer, but not necessarily a zoologist. And it’s more secure, again based on society and the past ways of doing things, to be an accountant rather than an artist. But it comes down to breaking the old stigmas and evolving a new creative aspect to your mind. Be unconventional, unorthodox and non-conforming in your way of life. And stop following the mind and go inside to follow your intuition. The famous adage “the mind thinks, the heart knows.”

A New Creative Shift, Open Your Horizon:

What if ‘what you love’ is something completely foreign and brand new, in terms of no one has ever done it before? That’s completely okay, be non-conforming to the people and ways of the past. Not just the conventional ‘careers’ – teacher, doctor, architect or accountant. We must adapt a more creative mindset to find new outlets for our ‘life’s work’, And especially today, people have proven that humans can do something totally radical – a toy rater, starting a unique business, a food stylist, a chief listening officer, futurists, and the list essentially go on to the infinite levels. If you can think of it, then it exists, for you that is, and if you understand a creative way to monetize though it. But mostly, it’s a mentality shift. We won’t go too far into it, but changing your beliefs, mindsets and perceptions by shattering the one’s society has programmed within us is key.

The Conclusion:

Passion is pivotal to a happy, successful and rewarding life where true bliss can occur on the regular. But we must shed off our old ‘programmed by society’ mind’s which continue to tell lies. The truth resides within our refined soul’s and that is where we can truly justify if we have found a true calling or passion. Learn to trust and utilize your intuition, which is place of knowing rather than thinking. Truth be told, this website is designed to assist you in helping that passion arise by giving constant examples of people who have not conformed and people who have become filthy rich and plenty happy because of following that inner nudge which led to a passion driven life.

We’ll leave you with the the founder of Apple’s famous findings from his life:

“You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle…”Steve Jobs


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